5 Best Home Wireless Security Camera Systems

Security of your property and family is one of the most important priorities in one’s life as feeling safe can significantly contribute to the sense of your well being. Therefore, one should not compromise on quality when looking to install a wireless home security camera system. You will find wide a variety of security systems for your home provided by different manufacturers. These systems differ in their specs, price, performance and purpose for which you are going to use the cameras.

Important Factors To Consider

  • Location for the installment of the system
  • The amount of time for which you want to retain surveillance footage
  • Quality of video you want

Based on these factors, you should then review the available options in the home security camera systems space and then decide what suits your needs. Here is a short review of some of the top camera security systems by different manufacturers; it will help you to select the most suitable option for you.

wireless security camera systems

Top Home Wireless Security Camera Systems

Swann – 4 Channel – 4 Camera Professional Security System

You can monitor your living and business place using this 4-channel, 4 -camera surveillance system. It includes indoor/outdoor cameras, which can be used to record of videos both outdoor and indoor locations.

It also has a 500GB hard-drive for storage. You can record video from all 4-channels and review it later. It is quite easy to setup and use, but it lacks in picture quality.

D-Link-Wireless Network Surveillance Camera

The feature included in this home wireless security camera system which set’s it’s self apart from it’s competitors is that it can connect to the internet wirelessly using the built-in WiFi radio. This system comes with a power cable and Cat-5 Ethernet cable. A base and mounting kit is also included in the package.

Other features include adjustable quality and image size, mirror option, text overlay and time stamp. You can record the video directly to a hard-drive or a Network Attached Storage. This system can support up to 32 cameras at a time.

Logitech – Alert 750N Security System

This amazing home surveillance system offers HD-quality video and a phenomenal 130-degree view field. This is one of the best-automated security surveillance systems. Its camera is motion triggered and it is activated when it detects a motion. The system comes with a 10′ Ethernet cable, power supply, micro SD card for storage and wall mounts.

Other features with Logitech – Alert 750N includes HD quality video, mountable designs and night vision, as it can provide clear view in dark.

Smarthome – Wireless IP Security Camera

This is another home wireless security camera system, which can be used for monitoring a home or a business locaion. This is a wireless IP camera with a limited resolution of 640×480. However, it has 11 IR LEDs, which keeps the picture clear even when the light is dim or low.

The Smarthome IP camera for home security comes with a network cable, a Wi-Fi antenna, power supply and mounting bracket. It has a 67-degree viewing angle. Another great feature of this camera security system is that it can be easily connected to your Blackberry, Android and Apple smartphones to view videos and images. It also supports 2-way audio. It transmits crystal-clear sound. You can use the HouseLinc INSTEON desktop software to receive the video and audio transmission from your home automation surveillance device.

Lorex – VANTAGE outdoor or indoor Surveillance Camera

This home-security camera system comes with IR night vision. It can capture clear image up to 80′ even when there is not much light. The whole system comes with the camera and a stand with a pass through cable. A 60′ power extension power cable, allen key, a mounting stand and power adapter is also included in the package.

The 3.6mm lens of the Lorex – VANTAGE surveillance camera allows it to capture sharp and clear video. It can provide 720×480 resolution. This security camera has a 1/60 – 1/25000 sec shutter speed. It has 24 IR LEDs to help the night vision. The light filtering technology in the camera provides accurate color definition. It has a 78-degree diagonal view field for optimal viewing. To ensure ideal operation this system is featured with ImageCool technology, which helps it to operate from -22-degree to 122-degree, making it the right choice for outdoor surveillance systems.